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Soldering is easy as pie, but you can always just ghetto-rig it with electrical tape etc.
Would that affect sound quality?
it would be fine unless the wires came apart, wich could happen, then you have to take it all out and do it again sodering is easy if you want to learn but if not you can get "wire conectors" that you crimp with wire crimpers or you could use plires if you dont have wire crimpers, you can buy the conectors at crapy tire they are about 1in long and look like a littel tube. and you want the pink ones, they come in differnt sizes but the pink ones are the right size for you. you just stick a wire in each end crush the pink tube on them give a light tug to make sure it got them and the tape to be safe. they will cost lik at the most 2$ this works

good luck
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