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wouldu like some tinfoil?
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My car is up & running again!

Totally due to Striker's skillz & knowledge.....
I would have a belt chirping non-idling piece of junk if not for him.

His logical reasoning & deduction skillz when it comes to deciphering bmw problems
would make Sherlock Holmes himself look retarded!!

Now I only need to have my car re-painted to remove the 3,4 dents & 5,6 scratches incurred
while sitting at some "other garage" for 5weeks while they tried to rebuild my motor and failed most miserably

their last deduction was that I needed to buy $650 worth of plugs, wires & coil packs
to fix what wasn't broken when I brought it there!
I could go on & on but I won't

So again if not for striker I would be in a depressing world of crap!

Striker owns my soul (ur's 2 u just don't know it yet) & I will bear his children 1 day!

Again I'm so happy I could squeeze my titties together if I had any, so I'll let her do it for me!

Thanks Raphael
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