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Originally Posted by O.S.
hey, tell us how do you like your VF setup so far. any grunts or rants? how much more pull do you get at the low end 1.5-3K RPMs

you drove it long anough to see some problems with this set up if there were any.
Ok,lets start things off by saying,BY FAR THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE FOR THAT VEHICLE. Low end grunt i really can't say i feel that much,due to the fact that it is an auto,and I am not one really to launch off the line that much(HELPS TO PRESERVE TIRE WEAR) .But if you start talking highway speed thats entirly different story. The kit is great,other than the whine that comes from under the hood.It tends to burn just a tad more gas than i would like,but other than that it works great. The guys at VF are so solid where questions are concerned,and are very punctual where returning calls are concerned.So far so good,ask me the same question in a year from now!!!!!!!
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