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Originally Posted by MarkD
Then you won't be getting any useful info from it. It will just be there for "show".
show? i said im going to use it, all i mean is that im not going to be constantly watching it, im able to see where i am while im driving at a glance. again this is pointless to argue about as i already purchased it on ebay and its on route. so too late.

Who says it's not easy to tune?
i said its not.

The data you got from that dyno run is useless for tuning for 2 reasons:

1) a/f ratio measured after the cat

2) exhaust being sampled out of sync with the rpm sampling.

I pointed out to Vlad that the a/f ratio is lagging the rpm display by about 4 to 5 hundred rpm. Vlad agreed after I explained it to him and discussed the results of his run.
regardless the dynos gave me a decent idea of whats going on, its not useless and i dont understand how you would think it would be, i mean your able to determine data from it, so its not "useless"
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