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Originally Posted by Furious
i already got the AEM on the way, i looked at the innovate system, and i really dont need it, im not going to be looking at the gauge much, but i will be keeping an eye on it.
Then you won't be getting any useful info from it. It will just be there for "show".

Originally Posted by Furious
but my chip isnt easy to tune or will it be often i tune it, probably once more ill get a reburn i have to check two things first, 1. proper fuel pressure, 2. my MAF is clean.
Who says it's not easy to tune?

Originally Posted by Furious
than another dyno run and if need be ill be sending my data back to AA for a reburn.
The data you got from that dyno run is useless for tuning for 2 reasons:

1) a/f ratio measured after the cat

2) exhaust being sampled out of sync with the rpm sampling.

I pointed out to Vlad that the a/f ratio is lagging the rpm display by about 4 to 5 hundred rpm. Vlad agreed after I explained it to him and discussed the results of his run.
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