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Originally Posted by dropped_E30
wat i gather from this is that, basically you would bend over backwards for her, and she knew this and was taking advantage of that. am i right? if so, then lemme say that this girl does not deserve your attention or your affection, if she cant appreciate the little things you did for her. but you know its funny, in my 3 year relationship i've learned to realize that girls actually dont like when a guy gives them his full attention, its like they WANT to be deprived of attention, so then they think "does he still love me?" or "why is he ignoring me?" consequently, it makes the girl want to hold on dearer to you, and girls love drama in their lives for some reason

and i'm also gonna support the notion that yes, you can have the best time of your life while single. think about it: no restrictions, no feeling guilty about what your doing and with whom, no worrying about having to call the same person every day. so yeah, stay single, go out with the boys, live it up, until your ready to settle down again with someone new, and with NO lingering feelings or regrets whatsoever about your ex
i agree ...things have to change and when she realizes it, if she loves u she will, then the turn around begins

goodluck buddy
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