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Ah, that's horrible. My parents are going to go driving across Canada this summer... road trip. A GPS will be very handy. Don't want them to have to fiddle around with a laptop in the car. I'll have to figure something out... maybe an overhead flip-down screen or something?

Yup, the car has the exact same scheme, options, and color as myndgone's car... same year too! Not sure why, but on the strut tower the car is labelled as a "BMW Individual" color, meaning it was customized at the factory for the buyer... but I don't see anything custom about it?

The pixels come back in the heat... it's got to be the ribbon cable is making a bad contact to the circuit board. In the heat the transistive glue melts a bit and makes contacts... then it gets cold, and it loses contact again. Anyone have a spare/broken e39 gauge cluster I can experiment on? If I can fix it, I can do everyone's clusters.
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