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bought e39 - questions.

I bought my dad a 99 540i for his birthday. the old man could use a bit of luxury in his life. the car is still in my name though.

In either case, I have a few questions about this thing. I'm trying to figure out what packages this car has on it. It has the dual digital climate control, glass sunroof, rear armrest, cruise control, memory seats + mirrors + steering wheel (heated), factory cd changer, foglights, factory alarm w/ keyless, auto dimming rear view, etc. What packages were available in '99? (i.e. winter package, premium package, luxury package, sport package, etc.) How can I determine what packages this car has on it?

The front bucket seats are 16-way adjustable, (with the adjustable shoulder height too). I've only seen these in the 7-series... so I'm assuming this is a part of a luxury package?

Will updating the tails to LED style red/white throw a brake light code? Is it just plug'n'play?

What's required to update the headlights to the 2001+ models with angel eyes?

There are a few dead pixels on the dashboard OBC, what's the easiest way to repair this? I'll be doing it myself.

Anyone have the .pdf manual for the car?

Can the in-dash tape deck be swapped with an in-dash CD player? (there's a changer in the trunk already). Will this be plug'n'play?

Where is the best place to add an in-dash screen & GPS system? Is there a BMW stock option that I can buy and install for this? What's involved? Want to avoid aftermarket options if possible.

Where is the factory build sheet hidden on these cars?

No headlight washers? Was this ever an option?

Do the headlights/parking lights turn off after a period of time with the key out of the ignition?

I guess that's it for now...
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