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Originally Posted by M3ti Compact
Just be aware of people around you.

I've had this happen to me so many times, driving a car, and on my bike. I just lay on the horn, except with the bike where I can move over the entire lane and accellerate away. I had one time where the car was so close I punched the guy's windshield.

But just keep in mind, if you don't hit them, they will drive off while you have yourself a single car accident. Since you drive a souped up car, everyone will automatically assume you were street racing, the cops will give you a careless, and your insurance would screw you over.
Good point, especialy with all the lovly non-alert cellphone users who do this to others on a daily basis (I know no-one who this hasn't happed to). Maybe if startled enough times via horn or a crack on their window the'll smarten up.
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