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BMW pc related help:)

[explanation first, question later]

Alright guys, for those of you who dont know, i've finally undertaken the first project i wanted to do in my car. Being a nerd, this should clearly make sense

My carputer specs so far are:
Custom built 2.4 gig p4 system with a ati radeon 7000. Its running XP sp2.

I've ordered a
-1000 watt power inverter for it (unnecessary, but other goodies are going in too)
-fahrenheit 7000 7' LCD
-today i have been/will be working on the wiring (extending everything to the front of the car)
-touchpad. (you'll see why i'm going to be using a touchpad instead of a touchscreen once its installed
-GPS/bluetooth/802.1A/B/G install complete (you guys thought i drove poorly before i had MSN in the car)
-Everything runs in the car, stable. (case is custom assembled for shock absorbtion.) The cd player doesn't even skip from bumps in the road, but my subs can make it skip.

I've been trying to set up a BMW theme on the car. Background is clearly easy to do, but bootscreen/icons/start buttons aren't as easy. I do have a general sense of this being possible, but i know little about it.

I believe boostcreens have to be 16 colour bitmaps. that true? I tried creating a 16 colour bitmap in paint and it didn't work. (colours came out wrong)

And if anyone has some icon libraries with bmw stuff, or some images of bmw stuff that are small, but well defined so they can clearly be seen even if 1 inch in diameter, please post them/link to them

I run a canadian led kit & hid kit company, if you have any questions about led headlights or hid kits in canada or would like to check out our products please contact me here:

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