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No, I ended up installing it with my Dad.. Took a good two days to properly do it specially the rear of the coupe is a bitch to take apart. Only hard part is putting the fronts together since I have to spend time compressing the springs and then bolt them up. I still haven't put the rear panels back since i'm going to be working on the two panels to fabricate some holes for the shock adjustments like the ones I saw at bimmerforums.. So I don't have to take the panels out during autox or track days.

I saw the guide for the rear shocks, didn't bother adjusting it. So basically if I rotate the rear shocks I will get the drop but will loose rebound? It think if I rotate that it will be much harsher.. I kind of like the current setup right now for daily driving full soft.

I find too much body roll when cornering so I'm going to be changing the swaybars when I get some $$$. As for the camber plates, are you getting a different plates soon?


EDIT: Do you recommened getting the Z3 RSM reinforcement plates?

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