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Hey Guys,

Ok heres the story, last night I was screwin around doin a couple small but somky burnouts for my buddys (please no lecture on this lol), anyway normally I just get the car rolling and punch it to get it squeeling but on one yesterday this was by accident by the way (not really paying attention) I reved my engine way up like over 5 grand but while slowly releasing the clutch so that it just reved and took off but not enough to spin. Basically what you'd normally see like a four banger do if trying to do a burnout without dumping the clutch. Anyway when I took off it stunk like clutch bad, and right after I did that my clutch didn't even feel the same. Anyway today, when i got up close to my engine area, It smelled like that clutch smell, like all threw the day, i smelled it a couple times when getting out of the car. Is it possible that its somehow still burning the clutch, like somehow it remained engaged or something???? Someone please help out, I know this is retarded but, I'll take any insults I have comin.
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