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TC Kline Smart Coil-over Review

Hey Guys..

We installed the suspension last Friday till Saturday evening. Most of the time was wasted taking a part the rear panels which basically took 3 hours. Rear was pretty easy since me and my dad have installed JT Design RSM on our old e36 m3 the coupe was pretty much the same. The first front took awhile to install (4 hours) but after the first one we know what to do so the other side took 30 minutes to install. Spent another hour adjusting the ride height on the fronts and it ended up as 24 front / 25 rear all sides which is like Stock setup squating.. After a couple of posts from bimmerforums I found out that some of the guys with the same setup took out the rear spring adjuster and put in 5mm pads to lower the ride hight to 23inc at the rear.. After another hour all said and done all corner of the coupe are now 23inc.. I like the drop not too slammed not to high. I will keep this setup for now as suggested by Pete from TC Kline.

The ride was VERY HARSH.. I found out that I had all corners set to FULL FIRM which basically almost break my back in the process.. My GF wasn't impressed since we drove for nearly 100km that day LOL.. But the squat, dive and uneasiness when cornering is gone, the coupe now feels like a go-cart on rails Setting the shocks to default setting gives you close to Stock ride bounce which for me is very good. The ride is not harsh but you will notice when you go over bumps it will bounce somewhat hard. I will play around with the adjustability of the shocks... from what I found out some guys will do 1 1/2 turns firm.

I do notice some negative camber on the front which is ok. Hopefully my next few mods will be Racing Dynamics adjustable swaybars and the adjustable camber plates.

This mod I rate 9/10

-1 for non adjustablility at the rear.


Do I recommened this for daily driving? Well if you see some autox and track time this is the way to go otherwise just get the regular shocks/springs upgrade or keep your stock suspension

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