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Originally Posted by pipebobby

Can anybody recommend a good mechanic who knows and understand the tii kugelfisher injection system? I'm having some trouble this spring with flooding of the engine shortly after start up. I've played witht he cold start no avail, and don't want to mess with the rest of it. Its been fine 'til now, but needs some work...and from what I've need to know these things...hence the need for a good mechanic wih a working knowledge of these systems...preferably in west end of the city???
Anybody know anyone they'd recommend?
That pump is serious complicated business and can be easily 'effed up by the uneducated.
Try posting your problems on the 2002 forum at or better yet at For the home fix you better hope it's something simple otherwise the only guy I know who can fix the pump is Marcus Glarner in Port Perry.
Good luck.
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