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Originally Posted by Furious
wanna be xenons? you must have not seen enough 8000k's than.. its true that the light output isnt as good as 6000k but if you put my xenons beside 6000k's the 6000k's look like just white lights, true fact both gamite and mystikal can vouche for that.. the reason i have 8000k's is because it matches my angel eyes perfectly, and i really dont think they look like JDM blue halogen wannabe xenons. there is really no huge differences in the rain between 6 and 8 btw, ive seen them both.

however with all that said i suggest going with 6000k only because the light output issue. but again look wise the 8 > 6.
I agree that look wise 8000k>6000K at the beginning, I had the xtec's D2S 6000K and 8000k side by side. Both were about 1.5yrs old. Side by side, the 8000K looks worn out, it doesnt even look like xenon/hid.
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