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alright, so the pressure dropped even further today to arround 14-13 at idle so my feelings that I had a vacuum leak somewhere were right and tonight we sourced it....and guess what, the pressure went right back to 20 for vacuum....

so this goes out to all you boost heads, check your lines/piping and check again and again and again, because I have a feeling we should all be arround 20 with good motors....

the line in question that was leaking was a line leading to the fuel pressure regulator that had ripped at the nipple, from the install this is the line we used a T off to branch a line into our boost gauge and one other to the little nipple on the underside of the intake manifold near the firewall....

lemme tell you, most of you know, working with that vacuum line to the regulator at the firewall is a pain in the get it right once and never look back (most guys on here prob dont have these problems cuz they know already to look at these areas but to those just getting into the boost game this is a good warning)
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