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Originally Posted by ZiMMie
i was able to cancel the order this morning. when ready, order me a pair of surrounds for a 8" Angled sub. I can paypal u or meet up with cash when they come in. let me know wat's convenient for u.

thanx again
K.. I'll place the order tonight. If you need help with the repair, just ask. Just noticed the other questions previously.

The dust cap is the dome shaped thing in the middle of the cone. It's called a dust cap because it protects dust and debris from getting lodged in the Spider, voicecoil, and top plate. Especially important since when energized it is highly magnetic, and metal materials lodged in there can damage the speaker.

The reason I say the dust cap should be removed for a proper repair is because there is a good chance that when you glue the new surround on, the cone will not be perfectly centered.. but instead up against the voicecoil. (there should be a small <1mm gap all around), and when the speaker moves it will rub against the coil making a scraping sound. If you remove the dust cap, you can then space the cone out properly, using for example 4 toothpicks wedged between the cone and the coil. Then glue the new surround in place, remove the toothpicks, and glue a new dust cap on top.

Another word of advice to make the repair clean. Before you tear off your old foam surround, put masking tape on the cone all the way around the foam surround. Then use an x-acto knife and cut all the way around so the masking tape is still on the cone when you remove the foam. So any excess glue from the new surround will ooze onto the masking tape instead. After it dries, remove the tape and it'll look clean. Otherwise you'll end up with clear dried glue all the way around.
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