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My 97 328i vert install

I just finished the first phase of my install in my 97 vert and it wasn't what I'd call easy. I did the install myself. My car has the rollover protection system behind the rear seats and the base stereo (not the Harmon Kardon system). Here is the OEM setup

- 15 watt per channel amp mounted behind the rear passenger seat.
- 5.25" midrange in the kickpanels
- 4" mids and 1" tweeters in the front doors and same in the rear side panels.
- CD Changer in trunk.

My new setup
-stock head unit.

- 5.25 Diamond audio components with the midrange in the kicks and the tweeters in the front door. Not using the front OEM midrange. Tweeters fit perfectly in the stock location.

- 5.25 midrange in rear side panels. Not using rear tweeters.

- Diamond Audio crossovers mounted at the stock amp location.

- Alpine 4 channel amp in the trunk mounted on the floor of the drivers side.

- 1 farad cap mounted under the trunk rail next to the battery.

Note that to use the stock head unit you either have to use line level converters to convert the speaker level output from the head unit or do some custom wiring to the highlevel molex connector input if your amp has a high level input capability. In my case I wired up a molex for my Alpine V12 series amp.

System sounds good for a convertible. The key to a convertible is you need lots of volume for top down driving. I'd say about 400 watts for your front/rear speakers is miniumum then a second amp for a sub latter on.

As a second step I'm going to build a custom fiberglass box where the skipass is and put in a 10" sub and mono amp.

You'll need a wiring diagram before you rip out your factory amp to identify what is what with all the wiring.

Now I'm pissing around with alternator whine. Need to ground the stock head unit differently and there seems to be a special bloody tool that is needed to remove the head unit.

No - this isn't easy. If you have the cash get a pro to do it.

By the way - the existing speakers are designed to sound decent at very low power levels. If you install a more powerfull amp the stock speakers sound like shit - I ran the OEM setup on the 400 watt alpine and it sounded gawd awful. Remeber, the OEM paper cone speakers with tiny little magnets are desiged for only 15 watts RMS.

As far as a subwoofer, get something with good sound quality like an OZ or Image Dynamics (in my opinion).

Here is a link to the Diamond audio components I got from ebay. These are sort of the low-end of the high-end and they sound great - not as "bright" or "harsh" as the MB Quart. The diamonds have silk tweeters which are smoother than the metal tweets used in the MBQ's. (again my opinion of course.)

or search item number: 9722390718

Good luck man - you'll need about 20 - 30 hours at least to do it right and use dynomat for sure makes a big difference since the kick panel grills rattle like shit without it.
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