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Soldo, 30000K hid's look like this

Its hard to see in the picture how purple they are, i've seen them in person at a carshow. Think underglow neon's black light-ish colour

RMKBMW: I have a set of these HID's, 6000K, that I had installed by RMP just the other day. I can take a picture of whatever you want. (box, ballasts, them on the car, or the car lighting up a street). please tell me what kind of picture you want

RMP will have to chime in themselves to confirm this, but my KLIGHT HID's came with a 1 year warranty on both bulbs and ballasts. I think all of KLIGHT's kits are the same for warranty.

For those of you considering what kelvin (colour) to get, personally I recommend either 4300, which is 100% pure white light, or 6000K, which has a tiny tint of blue. You can't actually see too much blue, but it has a nice tint to it (if you've ever seen TL's with HID's, i think those are like 5000-6000K in colour). 4300 kits are a little bit brighter (more light output), than the 6000K's, but both still make nighttime driving a breeze.
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