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Originally Posted by paul
What comp r u running?
Also I know about what kind of headgasket he was using i was using the sameone at one point...
My compression is 10.2.1

I just did a calculation on your motor if you rev your motor to 7000 rpm at 10 psi with the head to flow 100% VE you can get 358 whp I guess that 2.5L head flows really good stock or its modded . but to get to 100 % with boost is hard

My motor if i could get the head to flow 100% it would make 401 whp at 10 psi but i already know that's not gonna happen since other people try it like cardcounter he dynoed 478 at 18 psi and it comes out the head flow is close to 100 % and his head is not stock.

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