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Originally Posted by Furious
describe your engine and FI setup so i can add you to the list. it will be helpful to those who are running something similar and or looking to do something similar.
new setup
3.2 m3 engine converted to obd1
gt35r turbo
AA Manifold
AA stage 2 intercooler
custom 3'' ss turbo piping
custom 3'' ss v band exhust
greddy type s bov
turbosmart 35mm waste gate
AA water injection
550 injectors
areomotive fuel reg
2 external fuel pumps running off a external sump mounted under the car
stock in tank fuel pump
custom fuel rail
euro oil cooler with b&m oil cooler
clutch masters stage 4 clutch
1.40 headgasket
arp head studs
greedy boost controller
hks turbo timer
tec 3 r full standalone
custom motor mount
wide band
i have a hundred other parts to list.
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