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Originally Posted by burnhard22
Injectors were update I believe they are them off NickP who has also offered me a MAF to try to see if that may be the problem.
Eitherway, I will try this first.
MARK-I will call you within 2 weeks, I am available May 19th weekend (so far) and June looks good too. Give me some dates when Rudy and/or you will be able to spend some time on it and I'll work it out.

p.s I do have contacts in Nobelton/Bolton areas as well and will be looking for advice to bring to the table who have had similar issues. tks again
AFM is sold - sorry... and I would agree with 28# or 30# injectors...

MarkD - any recommendations on which MAF to go with if you're upgrading anyways? Most people say that the Euro / v8 HFM hits 5 volts / flat line at around 8-9 pounds of boost in an s50. I would ASSume that the m20 wouldn't hit that limit at the same boost levels.
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