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Originally Posted by burnhard22
Don't take it personally. All I said was that it was working out. In regards to my schedule, I would make myself available or give the car to you if you told me the problem would be corrected over a certain time frame. I know the car had/has some other issues but that's part of tuning, atleast when trouble shooting as far as I know. I also assumed over a 3 year period there might have been something you could have done to correct the problem or head me in that direction but the contact seemed to deteriorate if I wasn't the initaing it all the time. Moving forward, if you still think you have something to bring to the table or can solve the issues over a certain time period, please let me know and I would be happy to meet with you again. I was just trying to get some/any input as I know guys are ruuning turbos with the same engine and must of had similar issues. What kills me is the Mossellman said the kit was bolt on-which doesn't seem to be the case. Mark, you are still on my Christmas card list or atleast your still one of my favourite M5 drivers on

I am sure I contacted you a few times telling you what the next step should be. Once I know you have a proper fuel pump in there, (and injectors) I can tune it. Honestly I need the car for a few days so I can test a few things on the dyno. It's not easy to do in just a couple of one or two hour sessions. The rising rate FPR's etc are bandaid solutions. I want to tune it properly with just 24 or 28 # injectors. If you want to bring it back, I'll talk to Rudy and schedule some time for it. Once we get it running, you may want to consider converting it to a MAF for even better results.

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