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Originally Posted by burnhard22
Hi all. I need help with my turbo.Ever since i have had it there's been issues.
Mark D tried to help but was unsuccessfully. I believe it's a timing issue but just can't nail it down. when I am on the trottle and hit approx 4000rpm there is a flutter sound and lack of power but if i'm easy on the throttle it does go thru but still flutters. Any good people/shops the you can recommend. could it be the MAFS?
I just want to be able to go thru all the gears without issues. after all it was to be a bolt on kit from Mossellman.
let me know techies,pls.
The only reason I never got it right is you have to leave the car for at least a day or two, not expect to drive it home 2 hours after you show up! You never seemed to have any real time to dedicate to this, just tried to fit it in to your busy schedule. There's no reason I couldn't make this work if you actually left it for me to see what's going on with it. I don't think anyone else is going to have success either if you drive buy for one or two hours.

Your car had other issues, like the screwed up fuel pump and rising rate FPR the other guy added etc. I don't appreciate you saying I could not get it running, when first we had to get the other issues solved.
Your car can easily be tuned to run properly, but not in 2 or 3 one-hour sessions, which is all I spent.
My plan was to convert your AFM system to a MAF, which is much better for FI cars. Anyway, good luck elsewhere!

Thank for the feedback.


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