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Originally Posted by BennyL
guys, i need to understand how our speakers are set up...

i've been looking for a deck, and I notice that all deck always show a built-in amp with 4x50 watt or some shit like that. anyways, its always 4x something RMS, like 15 or 17 or 18 or 23.

but our cars have a built-in amp for the speakers... so what kind of deck do i need? how many pre-outs do I need, if I wanna run a sub+amp? would I need 2 pre-outs? 1 for each amp?
regarding rms, u want the highest rating possible. dont even look at decks which have below 17 rms rating, they are too weak. if u find a 23 grab it, but the higher the rms the mor expensive it is. when installing teh deck ur gonna need 2 things, a wire harness and a radio adapter. the radio plug in bmw's is not standard so in order for u to get radio ur gonna have to buy it. as for the amp, ur gonna have to bypass it
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