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Treehouse Racing solid control arm mounts installed!

So, I installed the Treehouse Racing solid control arm mounts last night, took me 45mins in total.

1. Solid turn-in feel.
2. Less adjustment necessary on camber pitched roads.
3. Increased feedback from the road, although I was surprised/dumbfounded that it didn't feel harsh.

[I was looking for something more raw (think Ferrari F40).. but this is as raw as it gets

Removing the OEM bushing is very easy. On loan from Parts Source (or Canadian Tire), I used a gear puller (4"). Did not require the control arm to be removed from the chassis. Simply un-bolt the original control arm bracket from the chassis and swing forward the hub assembly a few inches (enough to get the gear puller in there). The Treehouse Racing "eyeball" control arm bushing popped on with little more than bare hands effort.

I'll post pictures soon.


P.S. There's a lapping day at Mosport's Driver Development track this Saturday ($125) 7:30am-4:30pm. OMSC is putting it on. See you there!
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