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I haven't been on max long enough to appreciate certain of these events but for me:

jazz vs rev race, (my first max event), and that's probably why it was so classic, it was the first time i met many people who are now good friends, and the first time i drove behind something that overpowered my soundsystem (following tom). also, rudy's car, and terry getting hit, too classic of a night

sickfinga's threads aobut his zap's in russia. Those things were/are assembled (or parts of them were assembled) in the part of ukraine my dad's family was from, and i've actually driven one, and know how crappy they are. (the pic of the brown one with "alpina 2002." wayy too classic

miguel's gay bear. nuff said.

twin turbo sweedish hot chicks

i forget which thread it was, but i started making fun of justin for knowing everything, and made some crack about "space jumping" and how it was recently discovered if you jump high enough with enough momentum you can go into space. he then drew a picture explaining how my explanation was wrong, and described the correct way of doing it.

there's many more
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