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Phase 2 of the Prepartion for Summer Complete: Warning: Bimmer Content

*Sorry about the Shitty image quality, my regular DSLR was at home, so these were shot with a crummy Point and Shoot*

Phase 1: Eibach Pro Kit Springs, H&R 20mm Rear Swaybar: Complete

Phase 2: 19x10.5, 19x9 Staggered Luff Wheels (BBS LM Replicas), Bridgestone Fuzion ZRI Tires (235/35/19, 275/30/19): Complete

Phase 3: Hartge Front Lip Molded, M3 Boser Carbon Fibre Hood, HID Fogs, Brighter Halos, Vibrant Full exhaust, Calipers Powdercoated, Fujita CAI, and Full Liquid Glass exterior detaling: In Progress.

Phase 4: Enjoy

Here are pictures after Phase 2:

Look what the Nice lady at UPS brought:

Rear Being Put on:

WheelMates along with anti-seize compound:

More rear goodness (ignore the white stuff... it took a lot of lube and a lot of effort the get these tires on)

She needed a wash:


Perfectly offset

mmm lip

Parked beside the STI wonder.. mmm black and white.

Daytime pics to come! (shot with a DSLR.. instead of this shitty cam)

Whadda think guys?
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