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For most of the people here that are young all I have to say is think smart and think about your future dont go blowing every penny you got on a car try and save or invest that money, I have a RSP account putting in $150 a month into it so I can use the money once I hit the age of 40. Time is on your side. Most of the guys here which are 30-40 now I bet will agree with me that young kids should start a RSP account at a young age.
What i'am trying to get at is that most of the young kids on here dont need your own car right away wait till your 19-20 drive your parents or start a small company and creat an empire. Think about your furture dont think that the world will fall apart if you dont get a car at the age of 16-17.

Anyone else can add to this if you like

Cheers Mike
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