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Thanks for the support guys I started a landscaping company called EuroTopia LandScaping when I was 16 years old with some help from my dad. It was pretty great I was making around $36000 for 12weeks of work. I would be pulling in around $500 a day in the spring and fall for rolling lawns and aerating lawns. After I got my G2 for the winter I bought myself a Pick up truck to plow lots and I got a few contracts to keep me alive the next day for school, all and all it was pretty good and the next following summer I started to cut lawns and go all out land scaping for the hole year. So that year 2005 I made around $63,000 after taxs. I had my truck paid off and and all my equipment so it was pure cash in my pocket and it never felt better. So I bought myself a M5 and also have a work truck and this spring before I go onto school I will make around $18,000-20,000 in 6weeks and I have two teenages working for me so I dont even do any work just let them use the truck.It will be enough to pay off insurance for the year and enough to go to school with.
I'am going to school at Royal Military College to become a pilot and they will be paying me around $40,000 a year.The two guys will be running my company for the year with the help of my dad over looking that everything runs smoothly

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