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Originally Posted by bubsy12
10psi non-intercooled is risky business man, what are your egts like? is the car tuned? what kind of fuel management are you using? generally speaking 5psi is the max I've heard of guys running with no intercooler setup, then from 6-15psi you can use a Talon/Eclipse SMIC without worry of heatsoaking it and then from 8-40psi+ FMIC are used in varying sizes. I'm in no way trying to tell you how to build your setup, but rather just trying to help keep another boosted car alive .
Hey Bubsy, we boosted to 10 PSI before having any detonation issues, we were not running at 10 PSI, brought it down to 7PSI.

I am really busy today so can't respond in detail. I had 2 extra boost injectors supplying extra fuel with an EIC seen here which is a micrpporcesed Extra Boost Injector Controller.
Please go to my website for the details. We were running within very safe A/F ratio limits at 9 PSI but were telling all interested parties to run at 7PSI

I was doing this project with one of the best turbo experts here, he has a shop and supllies all the other turbo shops with turbos and accessories.
He is an icon in the VW turbo world building turbocharged race cars and was helping me with the BMW kit development.

Our m20 stage 1 kit was a success and now I am onto the e34 m30 for my e30. Have a friend in TO delivering 350 RWHP on his e34 m30 right now (daily driver) on a 300,000 KM plus stock e34 and now rebuiling a complete performance m30 for his car, so taking allot of notes from him. I am now rebuilding the m30 in prep for my turbocharged e30.

I have started a new website for my all of my BMW projects including the m30 turbocharged swap and will be documenting everything over time The website is far from being what I want but all I can do for now as time is so scarce.

Cheers and thanks for your input

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