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If they made a 3na that pushed the same hp as there 3turbo, u could take that na 3.5 and add a turbo on top of that 255hp, instead of needing it to get to 255, so without that turbo that motor doesn't make that many great numbers by the looks of it. Audi's for example, BMW has just as much hp with na engines as some audi's have with bi turbos. Imagine putting bi-turbos on a 2.5 BMW engine I'm sure it would make jus as much than the previous 261hp Audi S4 would if not more. BTW, I would still rock that BMW 3.5, having a stock turbo is not bad by any terms in my opinion, just thought the hp numbers would be higher. And yes those headlights are lookin really small for some reason? Did anybody see the program on speed channel on the making of the new 6 series? That was awesome programming!
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