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Originally Posted by dirtyd14
Hello everyone. Just wanted to say that we will be having a cruz and meet in Windsor on April 15th. All BMWs welcome and, other german cars welcome also. We will be having a BMW cruz, but we are goin to have a EURO car meet at the "plaza" here in Windsor. there will be many VW's, and such there, and it would be nice to actully have a few BMWs show up. We will be meeting at the "BOND FACILITY" at 7pm.

We will meet at 7:00pm at the bond facility, then cruz for a bit, then off to the waterfront ( downtown windsor, overlookin DETROIT) for picture of ours cars in the sunset, then off to the meet at about 9ish. And then who ever decides to stick around, we can, make it out for some drinks down town.
Dave, maybe it's a good idea to put up a flyer at Overseas Motors?
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