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Originally Posted by DavidM5
Trying to figure a cheaper way of getting it into Canada without paying so much brokerage fees, duties, pst, gst etc.

Why do the americans have it so good compared to us Canadians?

They order something off the internet and what they see is what they pay.

Tell the shipper (seller) you will act as your own customs broker and provided you have a bill of laiden (invoice) and ID, you should have no problem picking it up in Fort Erie. This should automatically stop the package from getting picked up by UPS in Canadian Customs and delivering it to you. If you ask me... The whole setup is a scam and I'm sure someone gets a cut of the whole concept.

This won't avoid your having to pay gst or customs, but the brokerage fee shouldn't be there... Another thing, if the invoice has a company name on the receivers side, it may also help you at the border with part of the taxes. I believe I did not pay the PST.

Anyway, thats what I did.

Brokerage fee, duty, gst, customs fee, were going to shaft you because we can fee, ... WTF?

Just a PITA driving all the way down to Niagara Falls in the winter....
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