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Originally Posted by rendered
Audio to Go... Speak to Paul, the owner... tell him I refered you, Mark who drives the black bmw 330 coupe.

do me a favour and make your buddy buy Focal sub, and audison amps... he'll be a very happy man!
orrr tell paul neil sent you lol......paul isnt in the shop as much these days sooooooo call ahead..the nuber is 905-238-8182
its a great shop i get all my work done there, and they jsut hired new staff that are really professional.
Also i agree with "rendered" go focal subs (components if u can as wel)....i have full focal polyglass components with a focal 13" k33 sub...omg it pounds and its sooooooo clear!!.......i also have audison amp...they are amazing your friend will be very impressed if he goes with that setup.

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Originally Posted by junaid
"i saw your car there when i was there a few weeks ago, looks absolutely stunning man. I think i popped a ****ing boner, that paint looks sick

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