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Thanks, it was in all cylinders and the comp. was the same in all the cylinders. I retarded the timing a little and now I have the compression upto 120psi. The thing is now, when the top bolt on the gear is aligned with mark on the head, the marks on the crank are about 1.5 inches off. Is there something else that could be effecting this. I thought the pressure would actually go up after having the head shaved.

Just to make sure, when properly aligning the timing,
1. dowel in the lower left corner, with the top bolt in alignment with the mark on the head for the cam position
2. have the o|t mark aligned with the mark on the block
3. align the sprocket on the top with the cam.

This should make one straight line from the top to bottom right? I will work on some pictures if this can help. THanks again for the help.

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