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325hp 330lb/ft vs. 236hp 240lb/ft if the 545i didn't win i'd be shocked. boost pressure on the T5 is around 8 or 9psi if im not mistaken, don't get me wrong, i know that the T5 would proly be faster and certainly proly from a start FI is almost always faster, but on the hwy would proly be a lot closer since both cars are really ment to be hwy cruisers. that said it's really not worth the risk/gas if you want i might do a quick jot to around 140-150km/h but right now im trying to stay ticket free cause i don't want to get raped when my insurance come up next year... i respect volvo's and have always loved 'em seeing as though it was the first car that i learned how to drive on, they are very good value and last forever, and the turbo's on them are very nice, the one i learned one (V70R) would cruise all day at 250-260km/h smooth as glass and could easily keep up in the corners and with the AWD even in the winter it was like it has tank tracks.

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