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Interior roof Panel

Awhile back my roof panel slide in all the way back in between the roof(metal) and the headliner of the car. I managed to get in there with my hands and I can't get it back out. I want to fix this now as to seeing my lifter arms broke for my sunroof and it's off and apart.


K I found a post from along time's what it says.

Originally Posted by Justin e36
The headliner will push back when you have the sunroof in the TILT position then you push it back. This will unhitch it from the sunroof itself... someone must've done this... if it goes too far back it will get stuck back there and is really tough to pull back out. The sunroof cassette actually blocks the bottom so even if you take the headliner out you won't be able to push it back as easily.. HOWEVER it is easier to pull at the opening with the headliner removed. And the quickest fix and by far the easiest solution? open the sunroof. then remove the moulding around the sunroof and the headliner... it just pulls right out.. it's rubber. (it surrounds the sunroof opening). When this is out the interior panel will slide more easily.. it's still far back there, but it will slide forward easier. Next... find a nice straight piece of road and no cops... speed up to a good 80KM/h and slam on the brakes... the headliner WILL come forward, usually around 3 or 4 inches out.. you can pull it forward the rest of the way with your hand. Push it all the way forward with the sunroof closed and it will hitch itself back on. Once it's hitched back, open the sunroof again and put the interior moulding back on. I've attempted this 3 times with the interior panel stuck back there and have successfully dislodged it 3 times... twice on my car, once on another car.

Hope this helps.

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