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Alright, so in my life long quest to be like justin and know everything about everything, i saw an opportunity to learn something i know absolutley NOTHING about -- homosexuality.

There were rumours of sightings near RMP motorworks in bolton, so i went to go investigate...

When i got to RMP, i noticed some stylish cars, and a very clean shop. this reminded me of some late night tv informing me that "homosexuals are an industrious and clean people people, and have been since they came here from France"

Could I be on the right track?

I continued my search tirelessly, but unfortunatly, the heterosexuality of everyone at RMP was obvious. My dream of meeting a homosexual was shattered. I cursed miguel's name for giving me misinformation!

On my way out, I casually started bitching about my hand being broken. So Rocco tweaked the door-opening mechanism so i wouldn't have pull so hard to open the door with my broken hand. Also some issues with my sunroof were cleared up, and now i know what has to be done to fix them. Rocco also hooked up some parts for insanely cheap, much like he always does.

All in all it was a pretty decent trip. RMP motorworks is a great place to get your car fixed, but not a great place to study homosexuals

Thanks for the parts hookups Rocco
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