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I purchased the Replacement kit on ebay, it ran about 90 bucks shipped to Michigan.

I have actually discovered a few tips on how to get this in without ripping your hair out. THe best way of putting in a new plastic window is to heat it up first. Not super hot, but get a few blow dryers and heat it up so that the plastic is much more flexible and easier to work with, as When i was doing it that new plastic is so ruff and didn't want to do much. After you apply quite a bit of heat it should be easier to form. Start with the window laying on your trunk .

... and when you going to start zipping start with the INSIDE TRACK. Normally indicated by some blue coloring at the begining of the zipper....

Make sure the covertible top is up about half way or so, take a broom stick to hold it up, just hold the button (if yours is power) and stop it half way, it will have a tendency to fall back down because of gravity so thats where the broom stick comes in places.

Then start zipping from the outside once you get the zipper start, and with this part be extremely patient, it will take some time i know it seems that this should be as easily as 1,2,3 but it will take a few hours if you get frustrated i recommend taking a break, as I ended up breaking the zipper out of frustration and went to every fabric store in town and they couldn't find the same one, eventually had to contact the seller to send me a new one again.


once you get it start from the outside flip the window, have someoen holding it, and go inside and begin zipping. Getting aroudn the roll hoops is tricky, but just go slow and you should be good.

Once your done and you notice that its all wavey, this could be 2 things......

1. THe window is off-center meaning that YES, your going to have to unzip, move it over a few teeth and start again.

2. Let the car is in the sun for a few days to bask and see if the window will straighten out. not open your top until you have let the car sit in the sun and bask in the heat...i've seen a top get ripped to shit because it was dropped right away, so beware.

Someone also asked me if I recommend the ebay window kit or if i would get the dealership window kit...I honestly don't see a difference, Plastic is Plastic and if you can save yourself a few hundred bucks then why not.

and Good Luck ....
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