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Originally Posted by BMWags
man, the guys car might as well be an ///M, all the M Parts on it already, its just missing the S52 as far as i can tell.....those are my FAV rims on an e36 too BTW...nice car man
Thanks Brent! Before I bought the E36 the rims would not have been my 1st choice...but they look sooo right for her...just enough lip and they are 17's so my teeth don't rattle
haha, damn cut him deep bmwags. I saw this car in the autotrader. Is it automatic?
umm yep slush box (5er was a stick and I miss it) but I have to check if she is chipped already cause she moves pretty good. Settled for slush box...but half the time I'm stuck in traffic to/from TO or juggling between drinking my Timmy's & answering the cell so...what the hell at least it's not a dog like auto 525's...and there is that M setting on the slush box for "spirited driving"....just hope the GetDRAG tranny holds up

BTW where TF is the chip in an E36 anyways??
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