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Originally Posted by ScotcH
Yup, if you can get it out in one piece, that is definitly easier. I just took out my tranny yesterday to install a LW flywheel and race clutch, and it was a pita to get at all the torx bolts ... took about 4hrs to get it out (boy I sure wish I had a lift!)

To make your like even easier, remove the whole front end clip (bumper, rad, nose piece, etc.) It only takes about 1 hr to do, and will save you the hassle of trying to tilt the engine up out of the bay.
Once you know where all the bolts are, it isn't hard to pull a tranny out. I installed my new race clutch and tranny with new driveshaft and linkage this week end, it was pretty easy.

Impact tools and super long extension helps a lot.

I would pull the tranny then remove the hood and pull the engine up.

I pulled engine and tranny together when I send my engine to be rebuilt and it was a bit of a pain not to damage anything in the way.

If you have the front end parts removed, sure do it that way, else pull the tranny out then the engine. Either way works. I pulled my tranny out so many times that it is probably easier for me to pull the tranny out 1st.
Once the car is on jack stands, there is plenty of room to acess all the tranny bolts. Only the starter bolts are a pain to install on some cars.

Don't forget that there is a bolt on the passenger side at the back of the tranny holding a shield. (10mm wrench). If you are removing the tranny.

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