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Originally Posted by jonny_blaze
This is the 2nd time charlie came through for me, first time my head was cracked and my intake valve was bent...i was pretty screwed since having the crack fixed would cost 1400, plus a wait of 2weeks and new valve train components. Not only did i get a BRAND NEW head, it only costed me 2grand and some change installed. I posted yesterday about needing my ignition housing fixed and I wanted to take it to charlie but towing costs were out of the question, today charlie gives me a call and tells me he saw my post and he could help me out. He came to my house himself and got my car towed to his shop for $20! What a guy, I was struggling with this for a week and couldnt do it. It just goes to show that not only does charlie work fast, and leave you with money in your pocket but he takes care of his customers, even outside of the shop.

Thanks again Charlie!
what you could've done john, is that you could always ask someone who is already a member of CAA to tow your car. or better yet, just get a membership, and I think up to 200km is free of charge.
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