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Originally Posted by Justin e36
From the pictures, I would have said that the car looks pretty rough too. But look again at that engine bay picture... pretty clean. I had a chance to see the underbody while it was on a hoist, very very clean. I'd recommend getting it underbodied while it's in such good condition too. The car basically needed half of an Inspection 1, to bring it up to standards. Sounds like a good buy to me.
It all depends on what you have, your plans and your needs. My opinion is that you'll spend money on an E36 no matter if its a 92 or a 99. They all have common problems... I was looking for a clean chassis personally and thats why I now own this car
Originally Posted by Slowered318
maybe the hub on the rims can be machined down to the exact offset you want.. something to look into
Can't do it
Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46
Oh it definately was a good buy for that money no doubt... Miguel got away good with this, but i shudve stole it from him.
Woulda coulda shoulda.... i wasn't expecting a mint E36 for the money. I fully expected around $2K in repairs.
Originally Posted by 1BADBMR
Green on Tan Leather is PIMP !!!
Can't wait to see the final product
Originally Posted by Soldo
Not just any green... this is BOSTON GREEN.... and IMO the only hot green on BMW's..... no offense!!
I like Fern green too. When completed, i want it to look similar to an E36 M3 GT

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