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Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46
Hasslehof: he did.
I thought it looked familiar!

Originally Posted by Miguel
Ya, I got it off Dave.

There were only 1 major problem with the car.
The way I look at E36's is that it is easier to buy one with a nice body for cheap and fix it the way you like as opposed to going out and spending $8K - $12K for one and you'll just have to end up doing the same stuff anyways. Look at what was replaced on this car... wear/tear items (brakes, bushing, etc), common E36 failure components (thermostat) and basic maintenance (fluid changes, coolant flush, etc).

Remember, a lot of the stuff that I added didn't NEED to be replaced, i just wanted to upgrade (ie. Koni Suspension, ZKW's, HID etc.).
Good buy! I was seriously thinking about picking it up and doing the repairs myself, but I made the mistake of bringing my wife with me to look at it. She politely pointed out that since we've already got 2, both of which need some work done to them, we probably didn't need the expense of another one. ...probably a good thing in hindsight.

Oh for a heated garage with plenty of space and loads of spare time!
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