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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover
I am asking where/who he got it from, and why he went with one that needs soo much work? Not what needs to be done. re read my post.
Ya, I got it off Dave.

There were only 1 major problem with the car.
The way I look at E36's is that it is easier to buy one with a nice body for cheap and fix it the way you like as opposed to going out and spending $8K - $12K for one and you'll just have to end up doing the same stuff anyways. Look at what was replaced on this car... wear/tear items (brakes, bushing, etc), common E36 failure components (thermostat) and basic maintenance (fluid changes, coolant flush, etc).

Remember, a lot of the stuff that I added didn't NEED to be replaced, i just wanted to upgrade (ie. Koni Suspension, ZKW's, HID etc.).
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