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Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46
nice miguel, this car wasnt in really that great shape when i went to check it out looks like it has come to a good owner now
Because of you, i wasnt able to talk the guy down in the purchase price. You showed up just as we were negotiating... dick.


about the dick part
Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46
the rear was funny when i came to see it...
gold roundel surround, and 325is in gold aswell...pure hotness
Gold is gone.
Suspension i had from the old 325i (koni kit, JTD RSM, adj. control arms, etc). All it needed was a thrust arm bushing
Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46
p.s. wasnt one of the things that needed to be replaced ...a clutch?
nope, 2nd gear grinding... M3 tranny swap in the works.
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