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Originally Posted by Miguel
whatever you buy, expect to put in AT LEAST $1000. Count on thermostat, water pump, mounts, radiator, oil change, tranny fluid, some combination of bushings/bearings/control arms/ball joints/shocks, lightbulbs, window & sunroof parts/mechanicals and belts.

Honestly, buy an E36 for the body or mods and with that $1K, do all the needed maintenance.
this isn't said enough. the chances of finding a perfect e36 are slim to nil. i bought a car that i knew the issues with, and repaired them myself. dont overpay for a completly mint car, i have one of the last end e36's made, and it wasn't abused, and still had some problems.

how much maintenance? probably about 1700$ so far. (all fluids except coolant and brakes flushed, new pads everywhere, new rotors in front, new sunroof cartridge, new coils, 6 new plugs, some new hoses, rocco randomly fixing every imaginable problem i had, belts were changed, front balljoints & bushings.

then again, i spend a little more on my car than i have to/need to.
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