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almost, fleshlight is going in the rear light... so I can videotape myself with the cam.

Actually it's just a tiny hole with a light sensor in it, same as the one in my reverse cam. A light on the dashboard will come on when it's dark outside and my headlights are not on (headlight reminder). We have so many unused options on our e36 dashboards, might as start using them for some custom stuff. Plus, there will (hopefully) be an additional function where if my highbeams are on and there is an oncoming car, it will automatically switch to low-beams, then back to high-beams when I pass the vehicle. (using the same light sensor) Since I do a lot of long distance night driving, I figure this'll actually be somewhat useful.. and shouldn't be too difficult (I hope?) In the end, this mod will run me around $5 to do, I presume.

Since I know nothing about circuits / electronics, and I'm building all this by reading a bunch of books, and my trusty soldiering iron.. it may take a while to do. But, I'll gain some new knowledge in the end---which is really what it's all about for me. Learning something new.

Anyway.. Benny, the difficulty with the heated steering wheel is simple... none of the heated ones will fit, and there are no adapters available to retrofit (for example) an e39 steering wheel, to our e36. Additionally, it will require quite a bit of custom work to get a constant + and - to the steering wheel, as our column is not designed to supply this easily. And if you have airbags on your car, then that's another issue... retrofitting another steering wheel, with the airbags still fully functional. Too bad Momo doesn't make a heated version of their Millenium wheel.
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