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So this is what I tried today.

1. I added more fluid to the resevoir.
2. I also took off the cap and turned the wheel a few times just in case there was any air pockets.
3. I also tried the option justin said with the turkey baster and adding new fluid and it is still making the same sound.

so I took the car to lakeside and the guy turned on the car, turned the wheels and looked in the resevoir. and told me I needed a new power steering pump.

so I am looking for a pump. at lakeside they said it would cost anywhere between 300-500 (rebuilt).

I called another place and they charge 175 rebuilt if I trade in my old one. The price sounds ok to me.

I am going to take somewhere else to get another opinion. the guy didn't even hoist the car up, looked at the car very briefly.

what do you guys think about the price on the pump?
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